Admission criteria of students of Master level

Canadian Institute of Technology has an open system in the study programs offered.  Canadian Institute of Technology requires that all new students fill an application form in order to be accepted in one of the programs offered by CIT. This form can be filled on-line or in the premises of Admission Office in CIT.

Requirements to be registered at the “Canadian Institute of technology”:


Students will classify to be admitted in one of the study programs if they meet the following criteria:

  1.  Diploma of High School (exam of the State Matura), or the equivalent recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sports
  2. Have successfully completed in the Republic of Albania the studies and are provided with the relevant Diploma, in a program of first study cycle “Bachelor” or an integrated second study cycle program, that is accredited at the moment of the student graduation;
  3. Candidates meets the criteria’s of study field/s.
  4. With the average GPA preferably no lower than 7.5.
  5. Mastering of English Language in accordance with the paragraph 3 Instruction no. 52, dated 03.12.2015 changed, of the Ministry of Education and Sports “for determining the levels of foreign languages and international tests for admission to second cycle programs and third, institutions of higher education.”

6.According to this guideline a candidate is accepted when he meet the English language criteria, in range B1-C1, according to international tests cited in the guideline.


  1. International tests recognized under this guideline are
    2. Cambridge
    3. IELTS
    4. TOEIC
    5. APTIS
    6. GESE


  1. In addition to the preliminary test, students undergo to an interview in English language, as part of the academic counseling.


The English Certificate is valid as defined by the issuing institution


Registration documents:


All applicants must submit the following documentation in order to finalize the registration procedure in the Canadian Institute of Technology

  1. High school diploma (submitted in the registration of the first study level)
  2. Diploma of photocopy certified as per the original of the first cycle study completed in the Republic of Albania.
  3. Recognition of the first cycle diploma completed abroad, by the Republic of Albania, issued by the Ministry of Education, accompanied by the photocopy of the diploma certified as per the original, or in its absence another official document based on which the recognition in the Republic of Albania is conducted, issued in the country where the study was carried out, that permits the registration and the continuing of the  university studies in the respective country.
  4. International Certificate of English Language Test (level B1-C1).
  5. The field application form, on-line and printed.
  6. An identification document (photocopy of the passport or the ID card).
  7. Receipt of the payment of registration
  8. 4 photos
  9. Forensic attestation
  10. Residence Permit from the Ministry of the Interiors.
  11. Filled statement that are not registered in other University


* Candidates of Albanian nationality from the territories outside the borders of the country, such as Kosovo, Montenegro, Medvegjë, are subject to the same procedures and criteria together with the Albanian candidates within the country. 




Based in the Instructions no. 33, 43 and 48 of the Ministry of Education and Science


  1. Are eligible to apply for transfer to “CIT” all students who have pursued their studies in private and public HEI on the Republic of Albania or abroad:
  2. Candidates who have pursued a program study in the Republic of Albania in one of the public HEI or that have pursued an accredited program study, in the moment of the transfer application, in one of the private IAL, also candidates who followed a program study abroad, in an accredited higher education institution, in an accredited higher education institution of the country of origin, as an institution and program.


  1. The candidate must submit in CIT the following documents:
  2. Application documentation
  3. The comprehensive study program from the university the student is transferred:
  4. List of grades and credits acquired for each subject, which will be a requisite in the equivalence of the grades and credits of the previous satisfied.
  5. he original deregistration document from the transferred HEI.

Deregistration document issued from the HEI within the territory of the Republic of Albania must contain the following information:

  1. Name, Fatherhood, Motherhood;
  2. Date of birth;

III. Place of birth;

  1. Citizenship
  2. Number of matriculation number held in the coming HEI from which is being transferred.
  3. Name of the high school completed before following this program study:


 Student transfer can be done in the same study program or a similar one of the same cycle and typology.  For recognition and equivalence of courses and credits settled CIT establishes an ad-hoc commission, which will decide based on documentation and performance of the student in the university from which he is transferred. The student cannot be transferred in a specific year if he hasn’t completed the relevant subjects and accumulated at least 50% of the foreseen credits in the previous years of the study program.




Approved by the Academic Senate