Full Time

Name Academic Title Position
Vasil Qano Prof.As. Lecturer/Dean – Faculty of Economy
Mimoza Agolli PhD Candidate Lecturer
Artur Jaupaj Prof.As. Lecturer
Eldi Metushi PhD Lecturer/Head of BA&IT Department
Altin Kulli PhD
Lecturer/Head of BA Department
Arjan Shahini MSc Lecturer
Isida Mansaku MSc Lecturer
Blendi Shima PhD  Lecturer
Merita Cani PhD Researcher 
Klodiana Bllaci PhD Candidate Lecturer
Altjon Paloka MSc Lecturer
Shkelqim Cani Prof. Dr. Lecturer
Edmira Cakrani Dr. Lecturer/Head of CIRD
Jona Puci PhD Candidate Lecturer
Llukan Puka Prof. Dr. Researcher
Saimir Mansaku MSc Researcher 
Erjona Deshati MSc Lecturer 
Ilir Ciko MSc(MPA) Lecturer 
Klevis Limaj MSc Lecturer 
Klodiana Mosho MSc Lecturer
Besarta Tafa MSc Lecturer

Part Time

Name Academic Title Position
Christopher Leazer MSc Lecturer
Ioannis Tampakoudis Prof. as. Lecturer
Darjel Sina Prof.Assoc. Lecturer
Elira Hoxha Dr. Lecturer