The Administrative Board meeting


The meeting of Administrative Board of Canadian Institute of Technology was held at CIT premises. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman of the Board
Prof. Assoc. Dr.Ramiz Zekaj. The Administrative Board Members Prof. Assoc. Merita Xhumari, Prof. LLukan Puka, Prof.Shkëlqim Cani, and Prof. Andonaq Londo were present. Rector of CIT – Prof. Gëzim Karapici, Vice Rector Prof. Assoc. Reis Mulita and Administrative Director of CIT University College Mr. Ilir Cekiri were
guest of the meeting.
Following the presentation of CIT’s development policies and programs, for the new academic year 2019-2020 presented by the Chairman of the Board Prof. Zekaj, Board members, academic and administrative staff of CIT University College, considered and evaluated as a priority the following objectives:
➣ Commitment of CIT academic and administrative structures to launching and realizing a successful new academic year;
➣ Improvement of the academic curriculum and its elements, to enable contemporary knowledge and professional development in function of the needs of society at national level and beyond;
➣ Linking the academic and social life, through forms of collaboration with public and non-public actors at the territorial level;
➣ Enhance the consolidation of research study for the purpose of education, training, integration of CIT Alumni with the national, regional and global market;
➣ Internationalization of the curriculum, its certification at the advanced global level;
➣ Creation of a new program of study through the opening of a new faculty in order to achieve the above objectives, under a university academic structure and studies in all three study cycles;
➣ Following the working philosophy of putting the student in the limelight of CIT, to advance their education and integration into life;
➣ The Administrative Board guaranteed that it would support academic and research initiatives and contributions to achieve the objectives and tasks set by the academic staff and other scientific structures of CIT.