CIT offers the best Education System

Canadian Institute of Technology is dedicated to preparing students with skills based on quality education, values, and ethics, critical and analytical thinking oriented towards problem-solving, creativity, innovation and leadership, which they will use to shape their lives, careers, and society at large.

But the top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our community, on and off CIT premises.

CIT, from the first day of the quarantine, is offering online learning through the E-learning platform and other online methodologies In order to achieve our mission and vision, and offer our students the best Education System.

Thanks to the advance technology used at CIT, E-learning platform allows our professors to held classes online, stay connected to their students and receive constant feedback from them.

Some of today’s online classes:

🔸Macroeconomics with Dr. Altin Kulli
🔹Strategic Management with PhD. candidate Erjona Deshati
🔸Academic Reading & Writing II with MSc. Besjana Nuredini
🔹Computer Communication and Network II with PhD. Bledar Kazia
🔸Computer Science Fundamentals with PhD. Bledar Kazia.
🔹Globalization and Technical Development with MSc. & MPA Ilir Ciko

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Keep Learning.📚