Professional Training “Cloud Computing and DevOps Training – Competitive Advantage and faster Time to Market”.


- 23/12/2020

CIT organizes the professional training with an international coach on the topic “Cloud Computing and DevOps Training – Competitive Advantage and faster Time to Market”.
🙌The coach, Erdogan Imeri, has shared with us why Cloud Computing is crucial for Businesses as below:
“In response to a potential disruption and crisis which impact the global economy, organizations have to respond quickly in order to stay competitive in the market. Implementing a strong DevOps strategy can help to break down the silos between business and IT, necessary to maintain productivity, efficiency and security during this sustained period of remote working, which is why Information Age has produced this guide.
Many large and small enterprises are considering a transition to cloud technology, but wonder how their teams can best leverage the technology for their business. As an AWS certified Cloud Solutions Architect, I believe the best way to get the most out of your cloud investment is to invest in training to help build cloud skills within your organization. Doing so will enable you to leverage the skills of your existing staff, reach your business goals sooner, and feel confident that your organization is getting the most out of the cloud.
I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to learn how hundreds of executives from the world’s largest companies are transforming their business using modern technologies and the cloud.”
🌿 Details of training:
⌛Dates of Training: 17.12.2020 – 23.12.2020
📍Fee: 150 Euro for participant (social price)
🇬🇧Language: English
📜 Certificate
Agenda: 5-Day Trainining Proposal – Cloud and DevOps

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