Contribution of famous women in the field of computing

Women in Tech 2020, a project organized by the Canadian Institute of Technology in Tirana, Albania, in collaboration with Wikimedians of Albanian Language UG, aiming to increase the interest of young girls in the field of computing, have brought the stories of women contribution in the field of computing closer to the Albanian community.

54 articles are now published in Wikipedia, an amazing work done by 31 girls in only 3 days.

As a part of the project, young girls currently enrolled in high-school or university were introduced to historically famous women in the field of computing.

Due to the fact that a huge gap exists in terms of articles regarding women in Wikipedia, specifically, only 17% of the articles are about women and only 15% of the contributors (according to a 2010 study) are women contributors, we thought that it would be a good idea to give a chance to the participants at being Wikipedia contributors.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the project is conducted in English, as it is in accordance with the official curricula of the Canadian Institute of Technology in Tirana, all our participants are fluent in English and decided to contribute by bringing the information closer to the Albanian speaking community.

A group of 31 girls, organized by Ms. Silva Bashllari, coordinator of “Women in Tech”, Ms. Sindi Ramadani, mentor of “Women in Tech” and Ms. Greta Doci, board member of Wikimedians of Albanian Language Usergroup, in a time frame of 3 days brought these to the Albanian Language.

In the link below you will find all the articles,_WoALUG/Women_in_Tech_at_CIT,_Tirana/home