Editorial Board Meeting of “CIT Review” Journal


On June 26, 2020, in the premises of CIT, with the proposal of the Editor-in- Chief of the Editorial Board
of “CIT Review” journal, was organized a meeting of this Board.

The meeting was attended by:

Prof. Sokol Abazi – Chairman of the Editing Board
Prof. Petraq Papajorgji – Member of the Board
Prof. Llukan Puka – Member of the Board
Prof.Dr. Klodiana Gorica – Member of the Board
Assoc.Prof. Artur Jaupaj – Member of the Board
Dr. Albana Demi – Member of the Board

A number of issues were discussed at the meeting regarding its progress and raising it to competitive
Specifically, it was decided that:

– The axis of the magazine should be the one defined in its establishment; Economy and Business;
Information Technology and Engineering; Humanities.

– Creation of an Associate Editors Board consisting of 10 members who are personalities in their fields of
study and who have given their contribution to the magazine over the years.

– The next issue of the magazine to be a special edition for the treatment of the topic of Covid – 19 and
its impact in various areas of life

– It was proposed that between the two annual publications of the magazine, to have a special edition of
it with the best works of CIT students in order to involve them in the magazine
The next meeting of the Editorial Board was decided to be held immediately after the publication of the
May edition of the magazine.