Guest Speaker Series – “Connecting with Industry: Latest Marketing Trends”


Save the Date of this Virtual Meeting! Guest Speaker Series will have the first session for this year on Friday, 12th of February at 10:30 AM.
Different series are planned to be organized under the theme of Connecting with Industry; due to we believe that connection with the real world is crucial in terms of making an impact that matters in our society.
The First Session is entitled: Connecting with Industry: Latest Marketing Trends; where the focus will be on the entrepreneurial marketing opportunities and challenges in the Albanian market. Panelists that are invited to this first virtual session are as below:
Prof. Dr. Klodiana Gorica – Professor; Endri Caci – Founder of IMMI Institute; Florjan Kallaverja – General Manager of Max Royal G; Blendi Shima – Moderator.
We are looking forward to have such a top-tier meeting together on Friday at 10:30! Please use the link below to join the virtual meeting for free: