Highlights of the first session of Guest Speaker Series!


Highlights of the first session of Guest Speaker Series!

This Virtual Meeting entitled “Connecting with Industry: Latest Entrepreneurial Marketing Trends” started with a brief presentation of the traditional and modern concepts of marketing by Prof. Dr. Klodiana Gorica. She also granted a copy of her book as a gift to us!

Additionally, Endri Caci, an expert on Entrepreneurial Marketing had a short explanation of the transformation of channels of communication and how they are affecting the market today. He shared his own experiences taking place in the Albanian market.

Finally, Florjan Kallaverja, shared his opinions on the real impact that entrepreneurial marketing can have in the industry today based on his own continuous observations. Also, students had a question-and-answer session; where they asked about certain issues worthy of discussing.

We express our gratitude and acknowledge to all guest speakers; students; staff and externals who became part of this meeting! We are looking forward to having the second session of the Guest Speaker Series: Connecting with Industry.