Informative meeting between ASCAL and CIT


The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAAHE), in the framework of the National Student Survey (NSS), held today on 10 April 2019 an informative meeting with the working groups and CIT students.

Today’s meetings were information and guidance on the organization and development of the National Student Survey.

Through NSS, QAAHE will assess to what extent the institutions fulfill the student’s satisfaction from their point of view. The process is anonymous and is based entirely on individual student opinion of the institutions where they are studying. Data and information obtained will be statistically processed by computer software and will be used in such a way for the above-mentioned purposes without individual reference to the given responses.

Measuring Student Satisfaction through NSS is based on a questionnaire drawn up by a group of experts. By answering the questions, students will give an opinion and assessment of the tires for the following 6 (six) categories.

  • Organization of the institution, its management and functioning
  • Sources in teaching
  • Curricula, content and updating
  • Teaching, learning, assessment
  • Research activity, projects, studies, publications
  • Students and their support

At the end of the process, compiled analytical reports with the results of the questionnaires for each Higher Education Institution, accompanied by relevant analyzes and comparative analysis of different indicators against the public interest or policy-making. Implementation of SKS is a legal obligation in the context of quality assurance and therefore this process will be subject to all HEIs operating in the Republic of Albania or subsidiaries of foreign licensed institutions in our country