Regional Center for Development and Cooperation (RCDC) in collaboration with Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) organized the workshop titled INNOViMENTOR.

INNOViMENTOR was focused on different types of heritage assets and their values as main lever to invest in human capital and tourism innovation in an effort to achieve socioeconomic development and cooperation with social partners.

It is a project driven form of co-operation among multilevel actors at transnational level emerges, fully realizing the socioeconomic potential of heritage resources in the Cooperation Area and establishing a unified quality system for the development of tourism products and common service standards with acknowledged market value.

The aim of the projects are:
1. To successfully mentor tourism SMEs in peripheral, remote and sparsely populated areas that they grow in the regional, national and international context;
2. Enhance business competitiveness with a new model for process-product innovation;
3. Launch a Skills Alliance and facilitate the uptake of locally operating micro-enterprises by the global market.