In the framework of Institutional Collaboration with the South East European
University, following the work undertaken to reach an Institutional Cooperation Agreement with
the South East European University of Tetovo (SEEU), University College “Canadian Institute
of Technology” (CIT) representatives held an official visit in SEEU premises.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Reis Mulita (Vice Rector). Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vaso Qano (Dean – Faculty of
Economy) and Dr. Edmira Cakrani, were welcome by Academic Prof. Dr. Abdylmenaf Bexheti
(Rector), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Memet Memeti (Dean – Faculty of Contemporary Sciences) as well as
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hyrije Abazi-Halili (Dean – Faculty of Business and Economy).
Rector of the University of SEEU Prof. Rexhepi and Vice Rector of CIT Prof. Mulita during the
meeting expressed their willingness and discussed in concrete terms about the establishment of a
long-term partnership between two institutions.

Collaboration will be formalized by signing an agreement, which will include concrete indicators
in all education cycles in the respective institutions, focusing mainly but not only on:
➣ Collaboration in various fields related to the curriculum and teaching process, student,
pedagogues and researchers exchange;
➣ Cooperation within the programs EU Horizon 2020, Erasmus etc;
➣ Cooperation on professional training and extracurricular programs;
➣ Implementation of joint study programs in all cycles, in accordance with the possibilities
and legal-administrative acts of institutions;
➣ Organization of conferences and publication of scientific works;
➣ Implementation of mutual study programs;
➣ Cooperation in study and research processes through bilateral initiatives with regional

The South East European University in the Republic of North Macedonia is one of the most
authoritative and quoted regional universities in the national and international level.