MAIORA event was an activity dedicated to Student Life at Canadian Institute of Technology.

The aim of the event was to introduce to students the upcoming projects of Student Clubs.Club membership provides an opportunity to participate in new roles, enhance students’ skills and a valuable experience.

On 26th November, Albania was hit by one of the strongest earthquake in decades. CIT students and staff have been active in helping families who suffered serious damages.

Many thanks to those who joined and supported this initiative especially to Ardit Çuni, Aurela Gaçe, Emisioni STOP, Dritjon Gjoni and Elona Pëllumbi.

During the ceremony, Rector of CIT Prof. Asoc. Dr. Reis Mulita expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all students, staff and volunteers in recognition of the outstanding contribution they have given by helping families and communities effected by the earthquake of 26 November.