Meet our Alumni of the Faculty of Economy – Iris Dibra.


Meet our Alumni of the Faculty of Economy – Iris Dibra

Iris is graduated in Business Administration and IT and is currently working as an office coordinator at Cleanscore. She was invited to have a talk virtually with other students of CIT regarding her CIT and working experience.

The moderation of the conversation was performed by Pamela Sida, while other students addressed different questions to Iris. Iris talked about her experience as a CIT student, how the knowledges she had gained during the university years had prepared her for a career after graduation. She also talked about her actual work, how she manages to organize her daily tasks and the main duties an office coordinator has to do.

Iris stated that her IT skills learned during university, had helped her a lot to work on her tasks and projects. At the end of the meeting, students asked Iris to give them some advices regarding studies and also some tips relating to their prospect career. We take the chance to thank Iris Dibra for this vaulable conversation!