Open Summer Academy

Open Summer Academy

Open Summer Academy – Education and Skills for the digital age

Canadian Institute of Technology, between July 8th and July 13th, organized the first edition of the Open Summer Academy: Education and Skills for the Digital Age. The program curriculum covered basic application acknowledgements on Technology, Economy, Business Administration, Career Counselling, Mentoring sessions. We had the pleasure to welcome 22 students from around Albania, age 16 – 25 years old, who received lectures from 20 different professors, scholars, governmental representatives and business owners.

We were honored to have as guest speaker at this program:
Dr. Gianpaolo Del Rose – Chairman at GRCERT, Milano – Italy.
Dr. Piero Scutari – Parliamentary Public Policy Advise at Italian Senate, Roma- Italy.
Mr. Artur Hasanbelliu – Director of Internal Audit – Internal Audit Directory at The State Supreme Audit Institution (KLSH).
Mrs. Ornela Gace – Director of Events at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana (CCIT).
Mr. Enver Mehmeti – Vas Group Founder and President of Albanian Tourism Association
MSc. Dritan Thomallari – Digital Archive at Social Insurance Institute, Tirana – Albania.

During the program, participants had the chance to visit the premises of two biggest companies in Albania such as: DigitAlb, Albtelecom..
After 5 intensive days of the program, was organized the Closing Ceremony of the Open Summer Academy program.

Present at the ceremony was Dr. Piero Scutari. Dr. Scutari spoke about the importance of European Union and the Integration of Albania in EU. As a gift from Dr. Scutari for all the students who attended the program was the book title: “Si të godasim në shenjë” of the author Prem Rawat.
With the presence of Dr. Piero Scutari the Certificate of Achievement was delivered to all students who attended the program..