Rectorate Meeting


Following the weekly meetings of the Rectorate, today on 06.07.2020, was held the next meeting of the Rectorate, with the participation of the Rector – Prof. Dr. Sokol Abazi, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs – Prof. Assoc. Vasil Qano, Vice Rector for Foreign Relations, Scientific Research and Development – Prof. Assoc. Reis Mulita, Dean of the Faculty of Economy – Prof. Assoc. Artur Jaupaj, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering – Prof. Assoc. Abdulsalam AlKohlidi, as well as the Administrator of the Institution – PhD (c) Erjona Deshati.

At today’s meeting, the following decisions were discussed and taken:

1. To get in contact with graduate students of the University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” and who continue their studies abroad, in order to involve them in promoting our university, making promotional videos.

2. To update marketing materials with information about the programs we offer.

3. To organize interviews in order to recruit new staff for the academic year 2020-2021.

4. To set priorities for the duties that need to be done during the following week.

The next meeting was scheduled on 13.07.2020.