“Telecommunication and Challenges of Contemporary Society” Virtual Symposium


Canadian Institute of Technology organized the “Telecommunication and Challenges of Contemporary Society” Virtual Symposium with the presence of distinguished guests and CIT professors.

This virtual symposium was held by Vise Rector of Research and External Relations, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Reis Mulita who underlined the main point of the topic, highlighting the importance of telecommunication during the Coronavirus Pandemic time but not only. Prof. MULITA noted the major role that Universities play on developing new ideas for the future of telecommunication since this sector is directly connected with the future of digital transformation, improving productivity and economic growth and enabling governments to provide certain public services. “Canadian Institute of Technology” has the great chance of being a great contributor through education, offering curricula on Telecommunication in Bachelor and Master of Science programs.

He also addressed a number of challenges that telecommunication will be facing in the future and was continued by a discussion with our Guest Speaker Mr. Enkel Zoraqi, Technical Manager at Communication Progress. One of the main challenges that Mr. Zoraqi mentioned was the coverage of all Albanian areas with proper telecommunication signal, which is absent in a considerable number of Albanian areas. Mr. Zoraqi mentioned the major role that universities and academia have on leading telecommunication development in the right way and with the proper investment to our new generation.

Parts of the event were also our two lecturers from the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Assoc. Abdulsalam Alkholid Dean of Faculty of Engineering and MSc, Shefqet Meda.

Professor Alkholidi topic was “Ipv6 Deployment Status in Albania: Measurement and Analysis”. On his analyze Prof. Alkholidi mentioned the importance of encouraging stakeholders to develop networks IPv6-based, and agreeing with our guest speaker that is necessary to convince the decision maker that the development of internet sector in Albania will be translated into economic growth.

Our lector MSc. Sheqet Meda made the closing of CIT virtual event with his topic: “5G and The Path of the New Generation”.  The main points of his topic was that 5G as a technology will evolve over time and leverage a variety of spectrum range and how 5G can build on these successes by delivering a platform that enhances existing services and enables new business models. Prof. Meda made an extensive analysis how 5G will provide a superior experience on telecommunication development and how through 5G we can get better services, better internet providers and reliable services.

At the end it was a beneficial and productive symposium held by our distinguished professors in this area anticipating different developments happening in telecommunication and its importance in future of society.