“Telecommunication and Challenges of Contemporary Society” Virtual Symposium


We are pleased to announce that Canadian Institute of Technology will organize the Virtual Scientific Symposium on “Telecommunication and Challenges of Contemporary Society”.

The situation created by COVID-19 Pandemic, highlighted the importance and undisputed mission of telecommunications sector in current and perspective developments of contemporary society, in national and global level.

With all the instruments, models and professionals in the sector, Telecommunications demonstrated that it is vital, especially for the special conditions of natural and human disasters, while a series of questions are required.
responds as a confrontation to the contemporary challenges of this vital and influential sector in the current and perspective developments of the society.
– What are the challenges of telecommunications in the conditions of rapid global developments where the political, natural and social boundaries, fade in the face of the power of telecommunication technologies?
– What are the challenges of the telecommunications sector to face similar and possible situations
to be repeated in the future?
– What are the challenges of the telecommunications sector to generate social welfare, education, health care for man and nature, in the conditions of global warming and climate change?
– How much and how does this sector contribute to economic growth, employment and social welfare?

Keynote Speakers of the event :
Prof. Assoc. Abdulsalam Alkholidi – Dean of Faculty of Engineering
Topic: “Ipv6 Deployment Status in Albania: Measurement and Analysis”
MSc. Shefqet Meda – Lecturer at faculty of Engineering
Topic: “5G The Path to the Next Generation”

📍Venue: CIT Virtual Auditorium
🗓Date: 05/06/2020
🕕Time: 11:00

Link to join live to the event:
Code: 8481108377