The Conclusive Day of 1-month intense partnership between CIT-GIZ-GERMIN!


Representatives of GIZ and Germin came to the CIT premises to have a constructive discussion regarding the experience of our 1-month partnership, and to discuss about areas worthy of further investigation and mutual interest. Furthermore, we planned to signed a memorandum of understanding in the future.

This meeting concluded the coming of a senior IT and Computer Engineer at CIT premises, where he had several meetings and activities with CIT staff and students.

The focus of these events was on internationalization of CIT, sharing of the latest experiences of German businesses, updating CIT curriculum with applied knowledge and the exercise of reintegration project between CIT-GIZ-GERMIN.

We acknowledge the efforts and the time of Erdogan Imeri on sharing with us such valuable lessons and uncompromised passion! Thank you very much indeed Erdogan!