CIT supports ViaEgnatia 2.0

Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) is delighted to be the academic partner of ViaEgnatia 2.0.

💢 ViaEgnatia 2.0 hackathon objective is to develop virtual tourism around Apollonia and in the Fier country. This hackathon aims to promote innovation and information technologies among the youths and support best projects. ViaEgnatia 2.0 will be the Albanian event for Novembre Numerique 2020 on the topic related to tourism, digital and Apollonia during the whole month of November.

✅ The international festival of digital cultures Novembre Numerique is organized all over the world by the Insitut francais and the French cultural network in November. The hackathon ViaEgnatia2.0 will be the Albanian event for Novembre Numerique.