Rector’s message

Rector’s message

Dear students and colleagues,

What a pleasure, honor and responsibility it is for me to be elected as The Rector of Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) at these difficult times for the education system not only in Albania but worldwide. It is a pleasure to see the huge progress that CIT has achieved during these last years.

It is a pleasure to see the increasing number of students filling the auditors, classes and laboratories.
It is an honor to work surrounded by high-quality colleagues, academic and administrative staff of CIT, and highly motivated students, in such challenging times for quality education in Albania.

It is a responsibility to keep the trend of development that my predecessors have already established! The CIT Senior Management top priority will be talent development, focused on our students and on innovative teaching approaches. Our focus will be the Student because as my predecessor, Prof. Dr. P.Eng. Habib Hamam, said “Students are the kernel of the academic institution and its motor. Student voice is the alternative to more traditional forms of governance or instruction in which academic administrators and faculty members may make unilateral decisions with little or no input from students.”

For us at CIT, university is not a business. We create knowledge in our labs and we pass it to our students. Together with our students, we turn this knowledge into innovations. This knowledge and innovations we offer them to our society helping it to changing faster.

Prof. Dr. Sokol Abazi
Rector of Canadian Institute of Technology