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English Language Requirements



Regarding the process

A. All students who enroll to continue their studies in the HEI “Canadian Institute of Technology” must have their English language certified. The level of the test is defined as below (section II).

B. Those students who have not certified the level of English language, CIT provides English language test through a testing body recognized by the ministry of Education and Sport.

II. Criteria concerning English language

Students will classify to be admitted in one of the study programs if they meet the following criteria: Proficiency of English language or international certificate of English Language Proficiency as follows:

a. TOEFL ITP: B1 level according levels of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)

b. All international English tests (as below) recognized by the Ministry of Education, with a level none less than B1 CEFR:


b. TOEFL (iBT)

c. Cambridge





English language criteria approved by Ministry of Education and Science

III. Regarding the validity of the certificate


All English language certificates must fulfill the criteria of validation period. If the English language requirements are not met, the student must attend an intensive English language program at CIT, when offered.



IV. Students registered on conditional

All students that do not fulfill the criteria of section II, and have results lower than B1 level (CEFR) of the English language, are classified as “registered on condition”.

CIT set a condition for these students to:

a. The student within the first semester will participate in an intensive program of English language in CIT, when offered.

b. May choose an intensive English program in institutions other than CIT, but for this should inform the secretary of the faculty, and within the first semester, should provide the tested level of the English language from the training institution.

c. Within the first semester, the English language level of whom is lower than B1 (CEFR,) should gain no less than 24 credits in the subjects of that semester.

d. For students who do not fulfill these criteria, CIT reserves the right to revise the contract with them and at the end of the second semester to terminate it.

“Addition criteria for enrollment in the two Cycles” enters into force immediately, attached to the criteria of normal enrollment.


Approved by the Academic Senate


Document for Resident Permit


Students who are interested to continuing their studies at Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT), that come from abroad, must get a Resident Permit. Also must get their high school diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education and Sport.

Please see below the information regarding the required documents for both applications.

I. The documents needed for the resident permit application are:

  1. The application form for residence permit
  2. Two passport sized photos taken no longer than six months prior to the application
  3. Photocopy of their travel documents with which they entered the Republic of Albania, photocopy of the pages of interest to past travels (holder’s info, type D visas, stamps of inbound and outbound, etc.) The travel document must have validity 3 months more than the resident permit requested.
  4. Documents that prove sufficient accommodation in Albania.
  5. Criminal record taken from the country of origin no later than 6 months before the application.
    Evidence of health insurance in Albania.
  6. Confirmation of registration for studies in an academic institution in Albania.
  7. Evidence of sufficient financial resources during their stay in Albania for the asking period.
  8. Proof of knowledge of the language you will be following studies in Albania, for non-Albanian speaking foreigners.
  9. Note: Documents from the country of origin must have the apostil stamp or have been legalized from their diplomatic representatives in Albania, based on the agreement.

II. The documents needed for the degree recognition process:

  1. A photocopy of ID or passport
  2. High School Degree (translated and notarized)
  3. Original transcripts of all high school years (translated and notarized)
  4. A letter confirming the student can continue university studies at the country of their origin
  5. Proof of knowledge of the Albanian language, given by the University of Tirana
  6. Copy of the resident permit

English Language Testing Center Recognized by MAS