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Academic calendar

The academic year at CIT is divided into two semesters consisting of two periods each.


  • There are fifteen weeks in each teaching semester.
  • There are up to three (and sometimes only two) weeks at the end of each semester on which students present on specific days at CIT according to a timetable to give their exams.
  • In both semesters, 7th and 8th week are designed for midterm exams.
  • In the first semester from 24 December up to the first week of January students have a winter holiday.
  • Centralized exams are organized not earlier than the 15th week of the semester.
  • A makeup session of exams and diploma thesis defense is approved during September. In this session students can improve up to three exams. If they are not Failure for Non-Attendance, they have the right to make up their final grade and the midterm.

Timetables for this academic year are shown at cit.edu.al Student Life, Resources.

Where to find your program regulation its courses and other details

Every program regulation is available on our website. Understanding the regulations will help you manage your studies and prepare for assessment.

Program Regulations are available at: https://cit.edu.al/cit-documents-2/ – Faculty Regulation

The Program Regulations contain the rules that govern your program and your registration with us and will tell you about:

  • purpose of the program
  • assessment for the program
  • prerequisites for modules/courses
  • how your degree classification is calculated (the ‘scheme of award’)
  • syllabuses and module/course outlines
  • assessment criteria.

You will also find the General Regulations at the above link. These apply to all students. They provide information on:

  • rules for taking assessments
  • plagiarism rules
  • assessment
  • prior learning and credit transfer
  • complaints and academic appeals.

The Program Specification contains key information about your program of study, and includes:

  • the structure and content of your program
  • learning outcomes
  • learning, teaching and assessment strategies.

The Program Specification and Regulations are updated annually. Any significant changes that have been made are indicated at the beginning of the documents, and explain whether the changes will be introduced for all students on the program or whether they will only be introduced for new students. If there are lots of changes for new students only, we will usually introduce a ‘revised’ version of the Program Regulations.