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Dean's Welcome

We present you with our esteemed

Dean of Faculty of Engineering

Dear students,


I extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to each of you as the Dean of Engineering Faculty. It is an honor to have you join this academic year community, and I am excited about the journey that lies ahead for each one of you.


As you step into CIT’s dynamic environment, you are not just joining a university; you are becoming part of a community that cherishes the progressive integration of technology and so on. Our dedication to cultivating a global perspective is reflected in our extensive international collaborations. These partnerships not only widen the scope of cross-cultural exchange but also offer valuable opportunities for enhanced learning.


CIT’s campus is more than just buildings and classrooms; it is a space where innovation and discovery are at the forefront. The Faculty of Engineering, encompassing programs such as software engineering, computer engineering & IT, electronics engineering, telecommunications engineering, robotics, and mechatronics engineering, is dedicated to providing a cutting-edge education that aligns with the demands of the evolving technological landscape.


In this age of rapid technological advancement, I encourage you to view technology not just as a tool but as a pathway to exploration and growth. It serves as a tool, a conduit for exploration, and a gateway to new horizons. As you navigate your academic path, embrace the opportunities that technology provides.


Remember, your time here is not just about coursework; it’s about becoming adept navigators of the digital landscape, innovative thinkers, and contributors to positive change.


May your academic adventure be marked by technological prowess, academic excellence, and a transformative impact on the world.


I look forward to witnessing your growth and success!

Dean of Engineering Faculty