Bachelor in Finance and Accounting

Bachelor in Finance and Accounting

The Bachelor Program in Finance and Accounting aims at providing students with fundamental knowledge in the core fields of: Finance, Accounting, Banking and Auditing. This program is designed to prepare students to manage funds and evaluate potential investment opportunities, achieve financial efficiency, leverage assets, and maximize welfare. In addition, it provides teaching models to improve the students’ analytical and critical thinking skills,and quantitative capabilities, equipping them to pursue careers in the field of finance, accounting, focusing on investment analysis and management, banking, auditing, consulting and financial management. Apart from the combination of theoretical and practical disciplines, an added value of this program of study is providing students with concentrated degrees in finance, banking, accounting and auditing, which makes it possible for a successful career both in finance and banking as well as in the related field of accounting and auditing.




Tuition Fee

2500 EURO

Admission Requirement

High School Diploma

Application Deadline