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Master of Science - Digital Marketing

The master in Digital Marketing program provides a mix between traditional marketing and digital marketing with a focus on the digital presence of a business and the new technology tools that businesses can use to market themselves. Firmly based on the Canadian Institute of Technology philosophy, this particular program of study aims at specializing potential master students through a theoretical and practical methodology, which focuses on project development and implementation.


The curriculum includes an in-depth program of marketing study, while at the same time providing a broad range of elective courses that facilitate and support students’ success in the workplace. Marketing Core Requirements provide a general marketing context, while Marketing elective offerings provide a more detailed study of specific areas within the marketing discipline.


The curriculum combines essential digital marketing elements such as on line consumer behavior, communications skills, digital and internet marketing, brand strategy and marketing management.These are tailored to the needs of marketing practice, including leadership, data and financial management, as well as economic and legal environment.

Target Skills

  • Demonstrate in-depth, specialist knowledge and mastery of techniques relevant to the study of opportunities and challenges of digital marketing.
  • Demonstrate awareness and ability to manage the implications of ethical dilemmas and work proactively with others to formulate solutions.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of techniques/methodologies applicable to their own work (theory or research-based).
  • Undertake analysis of complex, incomplete or contradictory areas of knowledge communicating the outcome effectively.
  • Synthesize information in a manner that may be innovative, utilizing knowledge or processes from the forefront of their discipline/practice.
  • Operate in complex and unpredictable, possibly specialized contexts, and has an overview of the issues governing good practice.
  • Exercise initiative and personal responsibility in professional practice.
  • Demonstrate expertise in digital marketing skills, perform smoothly with precision and effectiveness; can adapt skills and design or develop new skills or procedures for new situations.
  • Work effectively with a group as leader or member.
  • Be independent and a self-critical learner, guiding the learning of others.
  • Engage confidently in academic and professional communication with others, reporting on action clearly, autonomously and competently.
  • Demonstrate the independent learning ability required for continuing professional study, making professional use of others where appropriate.
  • Demonstrate self-direction and originality in problem solving.

Program Outline

Course name
15 weeks

Career Opportunities

  • E-commerce manager
  • Marketing Designer specialist
  • Marketing Decision Support System Developer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Online community manager
  • Social media executive
  • Internet marketing specialist
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Media and digital media manager
  • Data visualization specialist
  • Social media developer/marketer
  • Integrated marketing communication specialist/developer
  • Marketing management specialist

Tuition Fees

3000 EURO

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's Degree

Application Deadline:

Applications have been closed!