Faculty of Economy

Faculty of Economy

The Faculty of Economy mission is to prepare qualified students in the field of economy, business, business administration, business administration and IT, finance, accounting, banking, auditing, marketing ect.. Another main issue is to support the scientific research in order to implement new ideas and projects which affect in human life improvement, but not only, even in the entire society improvement. The Economy Faculty follows the institution’s vision of being committed to develop in students: critical thinking, objective reasoning, analytical and problem solving skills, leadership skills, and, most importantly, how to be creative.


Continuing Education

The Programmes in Continuing Education helps people who are preparing for a career change or entrance into professional school, or those pursuing advanced training in their fields.

Learning Abroad

CIT is a global institution, and there are vast opportunities to learn and pursue research.

Career Development

We empower you to discover your interests and pursue your passions while studying.