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Student Clubs

Gaming club is an opportunity for students to socialize and have fun together based on their hobby of playing different games.  Students will have an opportunity to play multi and single player games, and spend time discussing gaming strategies and preferences.

The Artistic Lounge is an avenue to nurture artistic skills & a gateway to connect with the larger art community. This club strives to bring the synergy of arts and creativity in all possible spheres of life and make it count through multiple channels.

The Tech House provides students with opportunities to discuss various IT issues outside the classroom in order to create a greater appreciation for the modern technology. Any student that is passionate about programming, networking, databases, cyber-security, telecommunication, etc., is welcomed to join us!

The purpose of this club is to provide students with a chance to debate and further develop their understanding of economic and business issues and how they relate to the world at large. We plan to accomplish this goal through meetings, debates, and public events.

The mission is to promote a welcoming and relaxing environment to help students relieve stress. We aim at promoting CIT’s greatest assets- the people, the positivity, the social-networking opportunities, and the greater community that is being fostered.

Students’ Affairs Office

The aim of this office is to strengthen the relations of cooperation with students, to support their study activity and interests, their life and social activity, their involvement in the development processes of the institution, the interaction between them, the cooperation with the academic and administrative staff of CIT as well as their presence and presentation in society.

  • Work in partnership with the Students’ Government
  • Developing resources and activities which enable students to explore CIT’s values in a structured and supportive way, contributing to the development of a stronger campus community
  • Program resources & activities are co-created with students
  • Identifying and developing existing Values education activities used by colleagues across the University
  • Recognize the value of excellence in academic advising
  • Assist the student in identifying appropriate institutional resources
  • Work closely with other job functions in the institution to improve overall services Level.
  • Provide Career Guidance
MSc. Shefqet Meda

Contact: [email protected]

MSc. Anxhela Baraj
Contact: [email protected]

Students’ Government

Involving students and their representatives in the teaching process and governing activities of CIT as well as encouraging the creation of different students’ communities with social, cultural, scientific, sports character etc.


  1. Represents an independent organization of students of first and second cycle programs established at institutional level, which does not perform political and economic activities.
  2. Students’ Government promotes students’ participation and coordinates their representation in the governing bodies of CIT, in teaching-research structures and services, with the aim of expressing their opinions and presenting their proposals on issues of general interest at CIT regarding study programs, teaching regulations, the right to study, quality of services, the organization of various cultural and sports activities etc.
  3. CIT supports Students’ Government logistically and may fund some of their projects, including the publication of a newspaper.
  1. Should organize and direct the meetings.
  2. Create topics for discussion.
  3. Creating different events and activities that will involve the participation of the students.
  1. Present the problems of the students to the board meeting.
  1. Possesses all the responsibilities mentioned in the section above in the absence of the President of the Student Government.
  1. Keep notes regarding the topics that will be discussed in every meeting.
  2. Should make the list of presence of the student government members participating in the meetings.
  1. Must keep record for every meeting.
Student Government

Contact: [email protected]

President: Klejsi Dogjani

Contact: [email protected]

Vice President: Brendon Pojana

Contact: [email protected]

Secretary: Adela Lamce

Contact: [email protected]