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Student Affairs & Career Office

At CIT, we believe that education is about more than just coursework – it’s also about developing the skills and experiences that will help you succeed in life. That’s why we offer a range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations that allow students to explore their interests and connect with fellow students.


The office for student affairs and career counseling has been operating at CIT for many years. Students are provided with complete information on everything related to program licensing, career and employment opportunities, accreditation of the institution and study programs, cooperation agreements for teaching practices, recognition of credits, agreements with local partner institutions and foreign, etc. In addition, during the Open Weeks, the office talks to students and potential candidates to introduce themselves to them: institution, programs, website, mobility, student clubs, staff and administrative and academic offices, employment opportunities in the institution and outside it, etc.


The Student Affairs and Career Office is an integral part of the structure of Canadian Institute of Technology that places the student in the center of attention and aims to stimulate their individual talents. It is one of the main links connecting our institution with the needs of the labor and investment markets.

The mission and the aim of SAC Office

The mission of the Student Affairs and Career Office is:

  • to increase the employability of CIT’s students and graduates;
  • to provide the best services to students, staff and other stakeholders;
  • to improve the quality of education; and
  • to help develop their full potential and have the highest possible performance in the labor market.

SAC Office at CIT aims to help students develop their potential through:

  • Career counseling;
  • Increasing the number of students and graduates who are employed in their profession;
  • To help students in making connections with potential employers;
  • Serve as a recruitment source for many organizations and institutions and provide training services for various businesses;
  • Familiarity with the labor market from the point of view of searching for the desired job and the ability to appear in this search in the most professional way possible;
  • The opportunity to try the desired job through work practices;
  • The possibility and ability to build a network of acquaintances in the professional environment of the labor market;

SAC Office serves as a bridge between CIT students and various actors in the labor market. To achieve its goals, the SAC Office has created a network with different structures and offers services from all areas such as:

  • Provide Career Guidance and Academic advising counseling
  • Work in partnership with the Students Government;
  • Organization of different workshops with specific topics;
  • Practical opportunities at various businesses and organizations;
  • Training programs in certain fields related to economy and engineering
  • Organization of summer school
  • Activities and Fairs for employment opportunities
  • Cooperation with partner offices of the public and private sector in the service of providing the best possible opportunities for students

In order to cover all these processes, SAC Office has a coordinator and an assistant coordinator. For more you can check our web page at: https://cit.edu.al/student 

Internships & Employment Opportunities 

The SAC Office services through its placement program help fresh graduates to obtain job and internship opportunities. This procedure will be made possible as a result of the university being in Partnership with various companies and employers that have several Graduate Trainee Programs and opportunities for fresh graduates to gain working experience and build their careers.


The role of interactions between Industry Partners and Universities cannot be understated in helping generate problem-solving ideas, innovations and jointly develop goods and services. The Office along with other departments of the college will continuously support students in searching for job and internship opportunities through Industry Partners.

Career Fairs & Exhibitions

The SAC Office and other instances will organize a Career Fair annually in collaboration with Industry Partners to provide information on job placements and career guidance and growth. Students get a chance to meet with Industry Partners and experience the services the companies offer, and what their job profiles are. Students, who possess the skills that companies are looking for, secure jobs and internships at a higher rate through these career Fairs and Exhibitions.

Staff of Student Affairs Office

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Enkeleda Suti

Dean of Students & PR Officer


Franci Sima

Assistant Officer