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🡮 Scholarships

At CIT, we are dedicated to recognizing and nurturing outstanding talents, which is why we provide both Merit and Social-Based Scholarships. Our commitment extends to breaking down economic, social, and cultural barriers that may hinder exceptionally talented individuals from pursuing their education at CIT. We aspire to remove economic, social and cultural barriers that prevent talented people from studying at the Canadian Institute of Technology.


Knowing that scholarships play a crucial role in promoting equal access to quality education, regardless of an individual’s economic background, we offer financial assistance to our students to help alleviate the financial burden of tuition fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses. Also knowing that scholarships empower individuals to access educational opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach, to foster a brighter future for both the recipients and the communities they serve, we have a diverse scholarship program and discounts that gives the best students the opportunity to benefit from significant reductions in tuition fees.


Merit based scholarships:

  • For students with high academic achievement, based on their GPA, we offer scholarships up to 100%:
  • Scholarship for the Competition Achievement:
1st place75%
2nd places (2 scholarships)50%
3rd places (2 scholarships)30%

Social based scholarships:

For more information, please give our committed admissions staff a call at +355 (0)67 40 42 042 or email us at: [email protected] We are eager to have you visit the Canadian Institute of Technology.

🡮 Financial Support Policy

1. All students who want to be included in the scholarship or discount scheme can apply through:

  • a written letter submitted to the Admissions Office;
  • an email at [email protected]
  • the web, in the link: https://cit.edu.al/scholarship-application

2. The list of applications along with accompanying documentation is forwarded to the Scholarship Committee for consideration.


3. After reviewing the requests, the Scholarship Committee submits to the Administrator the proposal for awarding full scholarships and tuition fee discounts.


4. The Administrator, after receiving the proposal from the Scholarship Committee, approves the proposal. After approval, the decision is forwarded to the Finance Office for action and the Registrar to notify the students.


5. According to the needs of the institution, the students receiving the scholarship will perform voluntary work of a scientific, administrative, cultural, social and academic nature at CIT.