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🡮 Services and Facilities


The Canadian Institute of Technology facilitates the interaction between students, secretaries and academic staff using an online application named CIT “University Management System” (UMS). The system aims to improve the quality of service by informing students in real time about their academic performance. UMS can easily be accessed easily through any mobile phone or tablet.


Available features

  1. Each student can login into the system using his/her unique credentials provided by the IT department within the first week of the academic year.
  2.  Students have private access to their personal information such as:
  • Information about the subjects registered for each semester and grade weight for any component.
  • Real-time information about evaluations for all components included in the subjects.
  • A summarized table of all grades categorized by semester.
  • Downloading/printing grade reports.
  • Checking the absences for specific dates and the total number for each subject.
  • Checking their absences online
  • Getting online help and support for any issues.

A Mobile version provides students the opportunity to run the UMS features through their smartphones.



If you encounter technical difficulties while logging into the UMS system, please reach out to both the IT department and the Registrar.

The IT department will make every effort to respond to your query within two working days.

You may contact the IT department via our email: [email protected]

Student email account


Students of Canadian Institute of Technology are provided with an email account on the university college’s domain (cit.edu.al), which can be used to facilitate communication and coordination. Each student has an individual account on the university college’s systems and can log in from any computer within the college network using their username and password.

Please refrain from sending unsolicited emails to your fellow students.


Specifically, you must not, under any circumstances:

  • Post anything abusive, defamatory, or otherwise illegal;
  • Copy or forward email or any other private messages without permission;
  • Include material that is confidential or the copyright of which is owned by someone else, unless you have first obtained permission;
  • Post material that contains viruses or other content which may disrupt the institution’s system;
  • Post any advertising or promotional material;
  • Behave in an impolite or offensive manner.
  • Sending emails to students’ groups or CIT officials during non-working hours, unless you have something urgent to share.

For more, you can also read our IT Policy via the website:

🡮 Computer Labs

At CIT we always try to keep the pace with the latest developments of science and technology. This is achieved not only by investing to get the latest and the best hardware equipment, but also by trying to install and maintain the latest systems and applications. 


CIT has 5 Computer Labs on the 1-st floor that are used for teaching and can be used by students for their homework. Each of them has computers with at least 8GB – 16GB RAM and up to1TB disk drives, running the latest version of Windows 10 & 11, which are licensed.

🡮 Classrooms

Classrooms are the heart of a University. It is the place where ideas are exchanged and students work towards their goals. The Canadian Institute of Technology has 6 classrooms, 5 classrooms on the second floor and a quite bigger classroom (semi-auditorium) on the first floor in order to accommodate our students and professors during their lecture and seminar hours.  All of our classrooms are equipped with a whiteboard and projector.


🡮 Auditorium

🡮 Campus

Our campus exudes a warm and inclusive atmosphere that fosters close-knit interactions among students, faculty, and staff. It is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and green spaces, creating a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. Quiet zones and relaxation stations are strategically distributed to facilitate personal reflection, study, or simply to enjoy nature. Additionally, sports and recreational facilities offer opportunities for outdoor activities, while organized spaces for cultural and social events create a suitable atmosphere for conversation and community interaction. This composition of the outdoor environment contributes to a rich and attractive experience for all participants on campus.

🡮 Visit us!

Visit us and explore our facilities in person!

“Str. Xhanfize Keko No. 12 (“Xhura” Complex, near TV Klan)
Tirana – Albania”