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🡮 Initial study guidance and planning

All degree programmes have a curriculum which includes information on the degree requirements and the courses which are included in the degree. In many programme curricula, there is also room for your own choices among given options according to your interests and professional goals. Thus, you will need to plan your studies carefully. This does not mean that you will need to face your choices alone. CIT offers various services and tools which are designed to help you with planning your studies and with any choices or challenges you may be facing.


Your studies at CIT start with an orientation period which begins with the Welcome Week and continues during the introductory course included in your degree programme.


Studying at CIT may differ from your earlier study experiences even if you have a previous university degree. Your introductory studies aim at familiarizing you with the study environment, supporting you in planning your studies and learning about the practices of studying at the university as well as providing you with a support framework which allows you to start your studies efficiently.

🡮 Study guidance

There are many forms of study guidance available to a new student at CIT.


When you arrive at CIT, the Admission Office is available to help you with practical matters as well as study-related questions. Then the Student Affair and Career Office will also provide guidance, starting from the very beginning of your studies and continuing throughout your studies.

More information on tutoring is available under https://cit.edu.al/student


The education specialist of your degree programme in the faculty will contact you when you are admitted to the university and remain as your primary contact in any questions related to your degree before arrival and throughout your studies. For example, the education specialist can help you with the recognition of previous studies. You can also talk to the education specialist of your degree programme if you are facing any concerns or challenges during your studies.


In addition to the faculty, general student counseling services are also available on all campuses. The Dean of Students and Registrar provide assistance if you feel you need to talk to someone about your studies.

🡮 University curriculum

The degree requirements, courses and course contents of each programme are described in the https://cit.edu.al/academics-2/ 

Please note that the curriculum includes information on programmes offered in English, because CIT teaching language is only English.

🡮 Front desks - reception

Front desk of the building is located close to the main entrances making it very easy to approach any information that you’ll need.


Front desks advise you on the accessibility of the building.


Campus maps are available at Front desks. 

🡮 Moving around the campus

Accessibility to all the buildings is ensured by ramps and automatic doors.


At CIT campus, the buildings are connected to each other by an accessible internal route.


On the ground floor you can find our labs as well as Auditorium and A1 class. At the same time in the ground floor you can easily meet our secretaries, Finance Department, Admission Office, Student Affairs and Career Office etc.


On the first floor there are the other classes and academic offices.

🡮 Opening hours and Front desks

CIT is open from 7.30 am to 21.00 pm from Monday to Saturday.

🡮 Moving around the campus

You can purchase a daily parking permit at the entrance of the campus.

🡮 Smoke-free campus

The smoke-free policy means that smoking is only allowed in specifically designated outdoor areas. The policy also applies to electronic cigarettes. No tobacco products are sold on our campuses.