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Master of Science - Software Engineering

The Master of Science in Software Engineering is an industrially relevant and up-to-date program offered by the Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to become future software engineering leaders.


Students embark on this exciting program by studying modules from the fields of computer science, electronic engineering, computer networking, and mathematics. They learn industrial practices, including the latest approaches adopted by the industry for designing, writing, debugging, and maintaining software, along with usability testing.


The heart of the program is built upon understanding what precisely the end-user wants and then developing a software solution to meet this requirement. The importance of successfully completing a project is a key aspect of this program and is duly recognized through the inclusion of the compulsory module, ‘Advanced Project Management’. This course emphasizes the comprehension of concepts and their proper application by teaching theoretical methods, principles, profilers, and debugging tools. It is reinforced by an examination of fundamental software development issues and processes in contemporary industrial practices.


Students are encouraged to cultivate a culture of critical thinking and reflection, enabling them to make informed, cost-effective, and ethical professional judgments. The program builds these skills through a solid understanding of theoretical methods, principles, tools and an examination of fundamental software development issues and processes.


To help the student seamlessly step into industry, internship opportunities are offered and built into this graduate program. This enables students to work with real-world problems utilizing emerging technologies and solutions alongside fellow software professionals. Teamwork is highly valued in the industry, and this is encouraged, with a strong emphasis on providing proper attribution and credit to the creators of the work that complete the assignment. Students on this program at CIT are encouraged to form lifelong networks as they are our future industrialists and entrepreneurs.

Target Skills

Technical Domain:

  • Apply the latest emerging software development technologies and practices to construct robust software products and offer software solutions to industrial, manufacturing and medical problems.
  • Offer solutions (programmes) which will be based on service-oriented architecture where necessary.
  • Scaled solutions (applications) related to the size of the problem.
  • Deliver integrated solutions using the standard mode of software development, which may include large-scale business applications.

Organisational Domain: 

  • Manage the in-house and outsourced development of software projects whilst always contributing to business processes through a process of analysis, design and optimisation in response to the dynamic needs of the organisation.

Crosscutting Domain: 

  • Analyse the social and complex external impacting factors along with the relevant software related legal, regulatory, ethical and professional issues in business and technical decision-making.
  • Comply with GDPR (General Data Privacy Regulation) when handling data.
  • Communicate effectively with technical, business and user/customer audiences and the stakeholders of the project.
  • Develop depth in a selected area of expertise in software engineering.

Program Outline

Course name
15 weeks

Career Opportunities

  • AI & Machine Learning Programmer
  • Database Designer & Manager
  • Decision Support System Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Enterprise Information System Designer
  • System Administrator
  • Information Designer
  • Information Specialist
  • Business Information Systems (BIS)
  • Software Developer
  • Software Architect
  • E-commerce Developer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Project Manager
  • Website/Webpage Manager
  • Software Tester
  • Games Developer
  • Management Systems
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Healthcare Informatics

Tuition Fees

3000 EURO

Admission Requirements

Bachelor's Degree

Application Deadline:

Applications have been closed!