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Student Voice

We encourage you to be an active member of the University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” community. Your engagement allows you to have your views about the student experience heard.


This could be through:

  • Being a member of the Academic Senate and other institutional committees;
  • Having an active Student Government;
  • Being part of student clubs;
  • Completing the Students Surveys.
Students as members of the Academic Senate and other institutional committees

Students are represented in all institutional instances, they have 12% of the number of members of the Academic Senate, and are involved in academic and administrative life through real involvement and real participation contributing to the diversification of opinions and decisions that these instances take.


University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” students are involved in all institutional processes, starting with: participation in internal and external evaluation processes, in decision-making on the criteria for awarding scholarships; in institutional projects, mobility, evaluation of academic staff, and decisions of collegial bodies.


Students have a strong voice in decision-making as they are represented above in the Academic Senate where they can elect the rector of the institution, in the Faculty Council, in the Scholarship Committee, permanent Committee for Student Affairs and the Guaranty of Students’ Rights, Committee for Scientific Research, Projects, Application, and Innovation, Committee for Program and Curricula etc., and at the same time, they can express their opinions on study programs, regulations, quality of teaching, manuals and procedures.

Criteria for Student Representation in the Academic Senate
  • Every undergraduate and graduate student of CIT has the right to be elected as the student representative and to run for election to the Academic Senate, and other bodies in accordance with the provisions provided in law no. 80/2015 “On higher education and scientific research in higher education institutions in the Republic of Albania “, in the Statue of our institution, and the regulation approved by the university for this purpose.
  • Candidates for members of the Academic Senate in CIT, student representatives, belong to the student category.
  • Candidates must have an average above 3.0 (GPA) in the exams given up to the moment of candidacy.
  • If the average grade of the elected student representative in the student representative bodies, during the exercise of the mandate, falls below 3.0 (GPA), he does not lose the mandate won in the election.
  • Students who are part of the governing bodies of political parties cannot be elected to the representative bodies of students mentioned at the beginning.
  • In cases where a student elected to the Academic Senate completes his university studies or loses his student status, he is replaced by the next candidate in the ranking, according to the number of votes collected in the last election, until the end of the mandate.
  • If there are no students left on the list, elections are held again, as provided in the regulation.
  • The student who has won the mandate for representation, when has graduated or loses the student status, the mandate won is immediately terminated. The remaining vacant mandate is filled with the next candidate listed in the certified list of candidates.
  • Students who cannot run for membership of the Academic Senate and other bodies are those that:
  • are under criminal prosecution and a measure of personal insurance has been granted to them;
  • have been convicted of criminal offenses by a final court decision;
  • are previously convicted of criminal offenses;

The student is required:

  • To know in detail the regulations of the institution and the obligations that arise, and to be aware of their implementation;
  • To implement all the rules derived from the law on higher education, the by-laws issued during its implementation, the Statute of University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” and the Regulations;
  • To respect the Code of Ethics of the institution;
  • To fulfill all obligations defined in the curriculum and course programs;
  • To respect The Student’s Code of Conduct
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Student Government

The Students Government represents an independent organization of undergraduate and graduate students established at institutional level, which does not perform political and economic activities.


Students’ Government promotes students’ participation and coordinates their representation in the governing bodies of CIT, in teaching-research structures and services, with the aim of expressing their opinions and presenting their proposals on issues of general interest at CIT regarding study programs, teaching regulations, the right to study, quality of services, the organization of various cultural and sports activities etc

Student Government Logo

Students’ Government of the University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” use their logo.

logo sg

Student Government

[email protected]

Ahmed Pemaj

[email protected]

Vice President: Kedi Kalaj

[email protected]

Izabela Prasta

[email protected]


Student’s Government representatives are elected every two years by student voting and operate in accordance with the current CIT Bylaws. Vacated mandates (when students graduate or are transferred as well as in other cases) are filled by the candidate who ranked second in the vote count of the last election, and they serve until the end of the original term.

Student Government Composition and Roles

Students’ Government is composed by:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Secretary
  • Senators

Responsibilities of the President of the Students Government

  • Should organize and direct the meetings.
  • Create topics for discussion.
  • Creating different events and activities that will involve the participation of the students.
  • Present the problems of the students to the board meeting.

When the President of the Students Government is absent all the responsibilities mentioned above are exercised by the Vice president of the Students Government.


Responsibilities of the Secretary of the Students Government

  • Keep notes regarding the topics that will be discussed in every meeting.
  • Makes the list of student government members attending the meetings.
  • Keep records for every meeting.

Responsibilities of Senators:

    • Shall vote for the election of President, Vice president and the Secretary of the students’ government during the first meeting.
    • Shall serve as a liaison between Student Government and their constituencies.
    • Shall attend all Student Government meetings (unless excused by the President of the Students Government).
    • Shall, to the best of their ability, represent the interests of their constituencies.
    • Shall make timely reports to the Students’ Government.