The road to engagement begins with students, and the first step towards becoming an alumni.

We are building a culture of contribution as supportive alumni in the future.

Alumni News




1. Growing a vital and powerful community based on the tenets of responsibility and consideration of the current and future generations of students

a) Engage alumni in student and institutional activities

b) Promote alumni achievements to students and community

c) Create opportunities of collaboration between alumni and students

2. Cultivating a professional life and culture that strives for growth

a) Engage and promote alumni leadership

b) Encourage the creation of professional clubs and organizations

c) Effectively communicate with proper channels to engage students in dialogue

d) Invite and engage alumni in the institution’s decision making process

e) Expand professional development services and programs

3. Provide industry standards and measurements to improve alumni engagement and satisfaction

a) Create a strong partnership between alumni and career center

b) Develop the relationship between engagement and institutional support

c) Establish performance indicators that might be used for rewarding

4. Keep and strengthen life lasting relations and engagement

a) Make them feel that they belong to our big and ever growing family

b) Recall them for anniversaries

c) Organize events and activities including all

d) Invite them to share their expertise in any decision making

e) Promote collaborations with alumni entrepreneurs and professionals

5. Prepare students for becoming loyal and engaged alumni

a) Clarifying the role and responsibilities of becoming an alumni

b) Include alumni in important milestones of current students

c) Create mentorship opportunities for students with alumni

d) Build bridges between students clubs and alumni clubs

e) Involve students in alumni activities