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Frequently Asked Questions

To initiate the application process, prospective applicants are encouraged to submit their applications online through the dedicated application form accessible at https://cit.edu.al. The Admission Officer will reach out to you for additional information and guidance.

Applicants are welcome to submit their applications at any time as the application period at CIT remains open year-round. However, registration processes are specifically conducted in September.

CIT is located in one of the most important areas of Tirana, only 15-minute walking distance from the city square, cultural, recreational, and historical places as well as central government institutions. This location will allow you to have the time of your life, while you are preparing yourself for an exciting career.

There are no fees associated with the application process; it is cost-free for both domestic and international students.

Tuition varies depending on program of study. Check the fees page for up to date information.

Laptops are not obligatory. All students will have 24/7 access to computers in our state-of-the-art computer labs. However, if a student owns a laptop, they will enjoy wireless internet access at any location on campus.

Teaching at CIT is delivered by highly qualified domestic academic staff with an outstanding experience abroad, as well as an international academic staff who have experience in the development and implementation of Business and Technology.

The minimum time required to enter the process of graduation is 3 years (6 semesters) for Bachelor programs and 2 years (4 semesters) for Master programs.
The maximum time for a student to graduate is 6 years for Bachelor programs and 4 years for Master programs.

Indeed, additional effort will be necessary across all curriculum areas, with a particular emphasis on English Language studies as in CIT.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own studies. Professors will be available at designated times to help if any challenges arise.

You can retrieve information about your results published on the Student Portal “My CIT” at: ums.cit.edu.al

The admissions office is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m. Please visit us during these times to tour the campus, and learn more about the program you are interested in.

Textbooks are determined by the faculty and will be notified to you at the beginning of the Semester. Books are available at CIT Library which is located on the 2nd floor and offers access to a vast collection of books, as well as thousands of full-text electronic journal subscriptions. The library primarily serves university members and secondarily the community. It supports all programs taught at the university by housing a variety of collections in different formats to cater to diverse needs. For more information, please visit: sq.cit.edu.al/cit-library-english/

CIT’s online library operates through a strategic partnership with McGraw-Hill Education (MHE), a prominent digital learning company and one of the key players in educational publishing. As a response to the increasing need for cost-effective literature and a desire to minimize storage space, the Centre for Information Technology (CIT) has evolved from a traditional print-based model to a digital-centric approach leveraging cutting-edge content and technology-enabled learning solutions. In 2016, CIT formalized this transition by entering into an agreement with McGraw-Hill Education. As a result, our library now provides a wealth of customized educational content, software, and services tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern learning environments. Upon enrolment as a CIT student, you will receive the necessary credentials and instructions to seamlessly access and utilize the extensive resources available through our digital library, empowering you with an enriched and efficient learning experience.

CIT students enjoy access to a wide array of academic, personal, and extracurricular resources. These include support from professors, learning materials, facilities at the Learning Resource Centre, computer labs, science labs, and various activities and recreational opportunities. For more information, please visit: https://sq.cit.edu.al/cit-facilities-english/

At CIT, we are dedicated to recognizing and nurturing outstanding talents, which is why we provide both Merit and Social-Based Scholarships. Our commitment extends to breaking down economic, social, and cultural barriers that may hinder exceptionally talented individuals from pursuing their education at CIT. For more information, please visit: https://sq.cit.edu.al/scholarships/

The student-to-professor ratio at CIT stands at an impressive 1 to 15, emphasizing our commitment to fostering a conducive and personalized learning environment. This ratio signifies that for every 15 students, there is dedicated attention and support from one professor. This intentional design ensures that each student has ample opportunities for individualized interaction, mentorship, and engagement with faculty members. By maintaining a low student-to-professor ratio, we prioritize the quality of education, allowing for more meaningful and impactful interactions between students and professors. This approach contributes to a collaborative and enriching academic experience, where students can actively participate in discussions, receive personalized guidance, and benefit from a close-knit educational community.

The daily academic schedule for both bachelor and master students typically spans approximately 4 hours. During this time, students engage in a mix of lectures, seminars, practical sessions, and independent study. This structured timeframe allows for a comprehensive learning experience while providing flexibility for students to pursue additional academic or extracurricular activities. The condensed schedule is designed to optimize concentration and productivity, fostering a balanced and effective approach to academic pursuits.

Upon the verification of your eligibility by our Registration and Admissions Office, you will be issued an Acceptance letter. Subsequently, you will be invited to select your courses. After making your course selections, you will be provided with a start date, marking the commencement of your courses.

In the event that students do not pass a course, there is usually a provision for a makeup opportunity during the September season. This allows students to revisit and retake the failed course to fulfil the necessary academic requirements. The September season serves as a supplementary period, giving students a chance to address any deficiencies in their academic performance. It is an opportunity for focused study, additional support, and the chance to demonstrate improved understanding of the course material. Successful completion during the makeup period ensures that students can progress in their academic journey without undue delay. It’s important for students to be aware of the specific policies and procedures related to makeup exams or assessments outlined by their institution.

At CIT, we are dedicated to empowering our students with comprehensive and sophisticated career guidance services. Our approach transcends traditional advisement, offering a multifaceted support system tailored to individual aspirations and professional ambitions. Students benefit from personalized counselling sessions with seasoned career advisors who provide insights into market trends, industry expectations, and personalized career pathways.


Our college university boasts a robust network of industry connections, facilitating internships, workshops, and networking events that bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. Furthermore, we offer skill development workshops, resume crafting sessions, and mock interviews to equip students with the tools necessary to navigate the competitive job market successfully.


In recognition of the dynamic nature of career trajectories, we continuously update our resources to align with evolving industries. Our commitment extends beyond graduation, as alumni also have access to ongoing career support services. Ultimately, our comprehensive career guidance services are designed to empower students to not only secure meaningful employment but also to thrive in their chosen fields.

Certainly, CIT students have a golden opportunity to not only broaden their academic horizons but also to enrich their personal and professional growth by participating in mobility programs initiated by Erasmus+. Engaging in these programs opens a gateway to a world of advantages. Erasmus+ mobility programs provide students with the chance to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, fostering a global perspective that goes beyond textbooks. This cross-cultural exposure enhances adaptability, communication skills, and cultural intelligence—qualities highly valued in today’s interconnected world.


Academically, participating in Erasmus+ allows CIT students to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise from partner institutions, broadening the scope of their education. Exposure to different teaching methods and research environments contributes significantly to intellectual development. Moreover, the experience gained during Erasmus+ mobility programs can be a catalyst for personal growth. Navigating life in a new cultural setting encourages resilience, independence, and a deeper understanding of oneself.


Professionally, the international exposure gained through Erasmus+ can be a standout feature on resumes, demonstrating a willingness to embrace challenges and a commitment to lifelong learning. Networking opportunities and collaborations established during these programs can open doors to a global professional network.