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Key Information

Student Administration

Secretaries are responsible for most of the student’s administration, including enrollment, personal data, examination administration, producing official transcripts, etc. 

Student card

“Canadian Institute of Technology” in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana provides our students with the Student Card. Through the Student Card, students benefit from various advantages, reduced fees, and dedicated offers, from both public institutions and private entities.

Updating personal details

The official records of student admissions, registration, and grades are kept in the Secretary’s office.


Whenever a student changes their home address, telephone number, email, etc., they can update their personal information by making an in person request at the Registrar’s Office. These records are confidential and subject to the information release policy of University College “Canadian Institute of Technology”.

Student Record Confidentiality

Security and confidentiality of student educational records are a matter of concern for all individuals who have access to files or computerized databases owned by CIT offices. Each person working with the Student Information System or a subset of Student Information System holds a position of trust and recognizes the responsibility of preserving the security and confidentiality of the information.


No staff is permitted to make unauthorized use of any information on the computer or hard copy files.

Visas and immigration

If you are a student with immigration permission please make sure that the Registration office has up to date immigration information.

Lost and Found

For now, lost things should be deposited at reception (or front desk).

Infrastructure and Computer facilities

At “Canadian Institute of Technology”, we always try to keep pace with the latest developments in science and technology. This is achieved not only by investing in the latest and the best hardware equipment but also by installing and maintaining the latest software systems and applications.


“Canadian Institute of Technology” premises provide the required capacities for students and they consist of the auditorium, various lecturing halls/classrooms; 6 labs; study rooms; an innovation HUB (CIT HUB); offices for both academic and administrative staff; parking area and cafeteria. Classrooms are equipped with all the necessary, contemporary, and professional devices such as computers, and overhead projectors, among other technology.


Studying conditions are complemented by the CIT library, which provides access to a large book collection (online and on sight) selected for each study program at our college.

Fire Safety Policy
  • CIT prohibits smoking in any of its buildings.
  • All students are expected to observe these regulations.
  • Fire exit signs are posted at all exits to be used for evacuation and smoke detectors are placed in various strategic locations to provide early detection of smoke or fire.
  • All fire extinguishers will be periodically checked by an outside company to ensure that they are in good operating condition. They will also do a safety inspection and check the building for fire hazards.
  • Fire drills will be practiced each year in the building.
Guidance and supervision
  • Each student, whether graduate or undergraduate, is assigned an academic advisor on the basis of his/her major.
  • The Secretary of the Departments maintains the list of academic advisors and the assigned students.
  • Academic advising may be done during the academic year. However, it is an obligation necessary during the registration period.