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Albanian ICT Awards – Informative Session

Today, Kushtrim Shala, the Co-founder, and Representatives from the Albanian ICT Awards paid a visit to our campus for an “Informative Session”.

The key objective of this event was to highlight the greatest achievements of Albanians’ in the field of ICT, to identify, reward and promote the most distinguished individuals and business leaders of the ICT industry.

During the session, representative from Albanian ICT Awards got acquainted with the achievements of our students and encouraged them to participate in the Nationwide Innovation and Technology Competition.

This event, which is one-of-a-kind in terms of character and determination, is aimed for students who are passionate about becoming leaders in the field of ICT.

The students expressed an interest in participating in this competition and are keen to cooperate, thus the visit was a positive experience and opportunity for them.

Our mission at CIT is to empower students to be professional leaders in a worldwide marketplace.

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