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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS ERASMUS+ | University of Coruña, Spain


Student Mobility Between Program Countries, University of Coruña, Spain and Partner
Countries, the Canadian Institute of Technology in Tirana, Albania. (KA171)
Spring Semester Academic Years 2023-2024
The Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission promotes the mobility of students. The
action KA171 of this program provides funding for exchange mobility with partner countries.
University of Coruña, and the Canadian Institute of Technology in Tirana, has been
awarded with scholarships for the Students of the Faculty of Economy under the action
KA171 based on the Joint Interinstitutional Agreements.
The Erasmus+ KA1 – Mobility of persons for learning purposes – Action: Student Mobility
between program countries and partner countries (KA171) aims at consolidating the
institutional relations between the participating universities and to explore new possibilities
for cooperation.
Action KA171 will be a great opportunity to raise the partners’ profile and increase the
cooperation in new geographical areas, especially in those regions considered as a priority by
the Canadian Institute of Technology.
The project goal is to expand the training and knowledge of the participants as well as to
foster the exchange of skills and experiences between the participating countries. Students
must return to their countries of origin once the mobility period has concluded in order to put
into practice the knowledge acquired and promote the transfer of skills and intercultural
Aim for the Call:
Call for applications for direct grants for the Canadian Institute of Technology(CIT) students
international mobility at the University of Coruña, under the Erasmus+ KA171 program
“Mobility of students between program and partner countries”.
Target group:

Office of International Relation and Projects
www.cit.ed.al Email: [email protected]
This call aims for 3 (Three) outgoing ECONOMY students: for ONE Semester for 5
(five) months Learning Mobility and during the Spring Semester of the Academic
Year 2023-2024.
Features of the Mobility for outgoing Students
 Mobility studies will be aimed at those studying degree subjects taught at the
 They must have knowledge of English language proficiency required, as given in
section “Award criteria for the grant”.
 For study mobilities, of 5 (five) months per type of qualification (bachelor’s). The
maximum grant for the stay will be 5(five) months.
Nomination criteria for students:
Applications will be prioritized according to the Nomination Criteria’s for students as
declared in the CIT Erasmus+ Guidelines: Document I.A: The Erasmus+ Applicants
Nomination Process and Candidate Evaluation Criteria (attached to this call).

  1. Academic performance. 70 points
  • Average grades. 50 points (Registrar evidence);
  • Academic affairs involvement. Conference participation, study and research
    involvements, academic competitions etc. 10 points (a written department
  • Good behaviour and discipline: 10 points (a written department evaluation);
  1. The number of classes and/or training courses that comply with classes/training
    courses agreed with partnering institutions. 15 points. (Learning agreements)
  2. Participation in extracurricular activities, sports achievements, achievements in art,
    participation in international activities, participation in other relevant events, 15
    points. (Written evaluation by Student Affairs Office);
    The exclusion criterion is English proficiency (certificates, B1-B2)
    Sum of the Grants:
     The Erasmus+ provides a scholarship of € 850, 00 per month to Spain. (Student
     The amount of the Erasmus+ grant will be transferred in full, after the subscription of
    the Grant Agreement, within 30 days from the beginning of the mobility.
     Travel Allowance also will be provided to student as well. The amount will be 360
    Rights of the beneficiary:
     To perform the entire mobility period awarded without the possibility of extending the

Office of International Relation and Projects
www.cit.ed.al Email: [email protected]
 To receive the scholarship according to the amounts set out in the Erasmus+ Program
guidelines. The expenses not covered by the scholarship will be borne by the
 To benefit from tuition fee waiver as an exchange student, notwithstanding other fees
for the use of certain services or activities that might be applicable.
 To receive information and advice on the application procedure, as well as pre-
departure and onsite guidance.
 To have the study period abroad recognized by the sending university.
Obligations of the beneficiary:
 To obtain the Visa for the stay in the receiving country.
 To carry out the mobility stay according to the proposal and dates committed, during
2023/24 Spring semester;
 In the event of force majeure, the mobility period must be modified by signing an
addendum to the agreement.
 To complete all procedures and fill in the required documents as required by the
Erasmus+ Program, before, during and after the mobility period, meeting the deadlines
Before mobility:

  • Signature of the Grant Agreement
  • Signature of the Learning Agreement Proposal
    After mobility:
  • Submission of the Mobility Certificate
  • Online mobility final assessment survey
  • Transcript of records and recognition at the sending institution in order to complete
    table D after the mobility of the learning agreement.
     Any other obligation inherent to the Erasmus+ Program and the internal regulations of
    the sending and receiving institutions.
    Nomination deadlines by partner institutions:
     This call for applicants is open no later than November 3 rd , 2023 – Erasmus+
    outgoing mobility for the Spring semester.
     Nominations of selected students must be sent to University of Coruña before

November 15 th.

Office of International Relation and Projects
www.cit.ed.al Email: [email protected]
Procedures for Erasmus+ outgoing students to University of Coruña :
After being officially nominated, Erasmus+ outgoing students receive from the University of
Coruña, an welcome message, with a list of requested document for the registration..
Students have to prepare the following documents:
 one passport-size photo (good quality, JPG format, 4MB max.);
 transcript of records (certificate prepared by the home university);
 the learning Agreement;
 English certificate (at least B1 level) – check the “Recognized certification” tab;
 Copy of a valid ID or passport.
 Students will be notified if other documents will be required;
All the application documents must be sent electronically to the following address
[email protected] no later than November 3 rd, 2023.
The list of nominated students will be sent to University of Coruña before November 15
th , 2023.
Please feel free to contact the International & Project Office ([email protected] ) in case you are
interested for more information.
*Note: The subjects that will be chosen by the students included in the learning agreement will be
evaluated by the relevant commission of the respective faculties before the mobility period.

Document I.A The Erasmus+ Applicants Nomination Process and Candidate Evaluation Criteria (2)


Document II.C Students’ declaration of obligations to participate in Erasmus+ (1)

Learning_agreement_studies_IN Suggested (2)

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