CALL FOR APPLICATIONS ERASMUS+ | University of Kassel in Germany

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS ERASMUS+ | University of Kassel in Germany


The Erasmus+ Program of the European Commission promotes the mobility of students. The
action KA107 of this program provides funding for exchange mobility with partner countries.
University of Kassel in Germany and the Canadian Institute of Technology in Tirana, has
been awarded with scholarships for Students of Economic Faculty under the action KA107
based on the Joint Interinstitutional Agreements.
The Erasmus+ KA1 – Mobility of persons for learning purposes – Action: Student Mobility
between programme countries and partner countries (KA107) aims at consolidating the
institutional relations between the participating universities and to explore new possibilities
for cooperation.
Action KA107 will be a great opportunity to raise the partners’ profile and increase the
cooperation in new geographical areas, especially in those regions considered as a priority by
the Canadian Institute of Technology.
The project goal is to expand the training and knowledge of the participants as well as to
foster the exchange of skills and experiences between the participating countries. Students
must return to their countries of origin once the mobility period has concluded in order to put
into practice the knowledge acquired and promote the transfer of skills and intercultural
Aim for the Call:
Call for applications for direct grants for the Canadian Institute of Technology(CIT) students
international mobility at the University of Kassel, under the Erasmus+ KA107 programme
“Mobility of students between programme and partner countries”. This call aims for 4(four)
outgoing ECONOMIC students:2(Two) Bachelor Student for ONE Semester for 5 (five)
months Learning Mobility and 2(Two) Master Student for 5 (five) months learning
mobility, during the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2022-2023.

All the application documents must be sent electronically to the following address
Era[email protected] no later than 10th of November 2022.

The list of nominated students will be sent to Kassel University no latter than 15 th of
November 2022.

Please feel free to contact the International & Project Office ([email protected] )
in case you are interested for more information.