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CIT 10th Anniversary and Graduation Ceremony

Cheer up!

Canadian Institute of Technology is proud to announce its 10th anniversary! 

We were born in 2011 – so we are celebrating 10 years as a university!
This milestone is the perfect time to reflect on our outstanding achievements and celebrate our success with you!

It is also a fitting year to take time to look into the future – what we will achieve and how we will continue growing as a technology institution! Over the last decade, this university has built a national reputation in a number of key areas .There is a strong appetite to strengthen this further, so the next decade is likely to be a very exciting one too!

This year marks Canadian Institute of Technology’s 10-year anniversary, with our first students having walked through our doors in October 2011. Students and staff are at the heart of everything we do at CIT. We are taking time to reflect on the incredible achievements and successes of our students, staff, alumni and partners.

As part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations, we are collecting stories and memories, so we would like to invite you to celebrate our legacy with this video by sharing our greatest moments with you!

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