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We are excited to announce the development of “CIT HUB” and “BigMath”! 

CIT HUB is a creative centre for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a place where people can meet and interact, create, undertake, work, and innovate together.

The main purpose of this initiative is to encourage students across multiple disciplines to work together in one location where with the help and support of our exceptional and resourceful team of professors, mentors and experts they can spark and fuel new ideas that can lead to potential intellectual property and new businesses.

BigMath on the other hand is all about Big Data! The objective of this action is to create an active community of students and professors interested in data analysis and research in the field of Big Data, by expanding their knowledge in the areas of mathematics, statistics, informatics, physics, and more! The work developed under the BigMath framework will be published in our Scientific journal “CIT Review”.

This knowledge will not only come in handy for data analysis and research, but it will be used in real-life situations to aid interested companies by enabling them to better understand how they can improve the performance of their company.

Open Your Door to the World!

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