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We are excited to announce that now CIT is launching two new Master Programs!

Master of Business Information Technology.
Master of Science in Digital Marketing.

Master in Business Information Technology as a study program, emphasizes the implementation of information technology to create impact and value in the business world. Since the beginning of the 21st century when the digital transformation of businesses began and to this day it is noticeable that industries face increased competition in terms of their information technology capabilities.

The program combines knowledge in the field of programming, network, algorithms, databases with the concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation, accounting, finance, data analysis, statistics and management.

Graduates of this program can be employed in a wide range of job profiles, such as database developer, data and business analyst, electronic communications market specialist, a specialist in the electronic media market, project manager, web developer, software developer, etc.

Master in Digital Marketing program provides a mix between traditional marketing and digital marketing with a focus on the digital presence of a business and the new technology tools that businesses can use to market themselves.

The curriculum includes an in-depth program of marketing study, while at the same time providing a broad range of elective courses that facilitate and support students’ success in the workplace. Marketing Core Requirements provide a general marketing context, while Marketing elective offerings provide a more detailed study of specific areas within the marketing discipline.

Graduates of this program can be employed in a wide range of job profiles, such as E-commerce Manager, Head of Digital Marketing, Head of Marketing, SEO Specialist, Online Community Manager, Social Media Executive.

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