CIT offers FREE preparation courses for Matura Exams

University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” is dedicated to supporting youth engagement in the education process.

MATURANTI.CIT.EDU.AL is the newest interactive platform built by CIT, to assist education and training of high school students across the country.

Under a Livestream and interactive format, with other didactic and pedagogical functional elements, real CIT auditors, virtually and in real time, are in disposal of 150 high school students from all over the country.

FREE and comprehensive, for Albanian youth from urban and suburban areas of the whole country, the preparation courses for Matura Exams are provided under the platform

CIT professors are holding online lectures in the subjects below:

1. Physics – Prof. Assoc. Dr. Vasil Qano,
2. English Language – Prof. Assoc. Dr. Artur Jaupaj,
3. Economics – Dr. Edmira Cakrani,
4. Mathematics – PhD. Sofokli Garo

In the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the University College “Canadian Institute of Technology” continues to consolidate the social mission in the spirit of solidarity and inclusiveness, contributing to meeting the objectives of EU and UN programs in the field of education and social care for the Albanian society., Women in Tech,, are the three newest platforms and programs that have brought to life the contribution of CIT, in terms of COVID-19 Pandemic, joining the platforms of previous under the CIT- GO DIGITAL initiative.