CIT Students Never Stop Learning

Thanks to the advance technology, online learning is a part of Canadian Institute of Technology education system.

E-learning allows our students to study entirely online while staying safe at home and still attending classes online, interacting with classmates, and participating in subject-specific discussions.

With the dedication and motivation of professors, students can access readings and course materials, submit assignments and receive feedback on their work.

Moments from online classes held by CIT lecturers:
🔹Wireless Communications with Assoc. Prof. Abdulsalam Alkholidi
🔸Interpersonal communication and leadership with Assoc. Prof. Artur Jaupaj
🔹Entrepreneurship with PhD. Blendi Shima
🔸Introduction to Web Design with Dr. Miranda Harizaj
🔹Macroeconomics with Dr. Altin Kulli
🔸Computer Communications and Networks with MSc. Vasil Mitezi

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Keep Learning!