Rectorate Meeting


Today, on 29.06.2020, in the premises of the University College "Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT),
was held the meeting of the Rectorate, with the participation of the Rector – Prof.Dr. Sokol Abazi, Vice
Rector for Foreign Relations, Scientific Research and Development – Prof. Assoc. Reis Mulita, Dean of the
Faculty of Economy – Prof. Assoc. Artur Jaupaj, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering – Prof. Assoc.
Abdulsalam AlKohlidi, Administrator of the Institution – PhD (c) Erjona Deshati and the representative
the Board of Administration – Dr. Bledar Komina.

At today's meeting, the following decisions were discussed and taken:

1. Starting this week, to conduct interviews with candidates who have applied to be part of the
academic staff at the Faculty of Engineering.
2. The season of exams suspended during the first semester due to COVID -19, to be held from
29.06.2020 – 11.07.2020, in the premises of CIT, strictly respecting the security measures, in accordance
with the Order of the Ministry of Education, No.104, dated 30.04.2020.

The meetings of the Rectorate are scheduled to take place every week, in order to identify and resolve
as soon as possible the problems that may arise.
The next meeting was scheduled for 06.07.2020.