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Description of the position
The Economic Faculty of the Canadian Institute of Technology seeks to hire a full-time Lecturer in the Department of Marketing and Management and Department of Finance and Accounting!

Canadian Institute of Technology prides itself on delivering all its teaching programs exclusively in English, ensuring alignment with the rigorous international standards of higher education in Europe and North America.

At CIT, the educational journey is enriched by the expertise of highly qualified local faculty members with impressive international backgrounds. In addition, an accomplished international academic staff actively contributes to shaping and implementing innovative programs in Business and Technology.


The mission of the Faculty of Economy is twofold: firstly, to cultivate qualified students in various domains such as Economy, Business, Business Administration, IT, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Auditing, Marketing, and more. The faculty is committed to supporting scientific research that translates into new ideas and projects contributing to human life improvement and societal progress. Aligned with the institution’s vision, the faculty aims to install in students critical thinking, objective reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills, leadership, and above all, creativity.

General requirements description

The applicants should be oriented toward innovative teaching methodologies and student-centered learning. Experience in working with second-language learners or in international academic contexts is an asset.

Applicants need to demonstrate the ability to strengthen the Department’s teaching and research profile. The extent to which the applicant, through their experience and skills, may complement and strengthen ongoing research, departmental innovation and how they can contribute to the future development of the department; will also be taken into consideration.

The applicants should have excellent communication and conflict resolution-oriented skills as well as be able to work in a team and contribute to the respective department in the Faculty of Economy.

Qualification Requirements

Candidates applying for the position should hold a PhD Degree in Finance and Accounting / Marketing and Management in the field or closely-related disciplines from an accredited institution of higher education.

Demonstrated expertise in teaching in the required field.

Progression in research and publications within the advertised discipline.

Candidates should have an English certificate (minimum level C1 obtained from Cambridge, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, GESE or APTIS or a Diploma of studies in at least 1 cycle of studies in English), as the courses in CIT are taught in English language.

Key responsibilities


  • Undertaking high-level research and contributing to CIT research profile through publication,
  • Participating and contributing to CIT research culture.


  • Delivering lectures and seminars,
  • Developing course materials,
  • Providing guidance and advice to students.


  • Undertaking administrative roles within CIT when required,
  • Participating in Faculty committees where appropriate,
  • Undertaking additional duties as appropriate.

Assessment criteria

  • Documented experience in theoretical and experimental methods of teaching within the subject area,
  • Responsible for driving course development and delivery,
  • A good ability to develop and carry out high quality research,
  • Collaborative skills, initiative and a demonstrated interest in leadership capabilities.

Application documentation


(including education, pedagogical experience, administrative experience, positions held).

Cover letter

(statement of motivation, summarizing scientific work and research interests)

Please, send your complete application in one PDF document at: [email protected]