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First Virtual Scientific Symposium

Canadian Institute of Technology organized today, on April 24th, the first Virtual Scientific Symposium on “The role of communication technologies during COVID-19 pandemic. Challenges and development perspectives!”

The virtual event initiated with the welcome speech of Prof. Assoc. Dr. Reis Mulita – Vice-Rector for External Relations, Research and Development, and the same time the initiator of the Virtual Scientific Events.

During his speech, Professor Mulita spoke about the importance of such events. He welcomed and informed all participants about the Virtual Scientific Events, that CIT will organize over the coming weeks, to address the challenges of the moment and the prospects for Albanian society and beyond, in the COVID-19 pandemic context.

Distinguished Keynote Speakers honored us on today’s event:

Erjon Luci. PhD from Stafford University, UK. Macroeconomist & Public Finance Expert. PhD. Luci held a presentation on the topic: “The Economic Implications of COVOD-19”.
He gave a general overview of the World Economic situation in the last years. According to PhD. Luci, there are three-phases that each country will go through due to the crisis created by Covid-19. Phase 1 – disaster relief, Phase 2 – The thick tail: Herd immunity dynamics? and Phase 3 – Rebooting the economy; Risks and Opportunities.

Petraq Papajorgji. Professor at Canadian Institute of Technology. Prof. Dr. Papajorgji talked about: “Communication and education technologies in isolation and social distancing context.

The case of COVID-19 and Albania.” In the first part of the presentation, Professor Papajorgji shared the findings of the research he made “Distance Learning and the Challenges ahead of us”. Then he moved to the new forms of education, problems, how are European countries facing these problems, and the current situation of higher education in Albania.

Digital literacy needs a new thinking from higher education, so we better get ready!” said Prof. Dr. Petraq Papajorgji

Part of the event was the Q&A session, where the participants had the opportunity to find out more about a certain topic, address their question to the Keynote Speakers, and share their ideas with each other.