Informative Session – Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Informative Session – Raiffeisen Bank Albania

Representatives from Raiffeisen Bank Albania visited today our campus for an “Informative Session”!

The aim of this visit was focused on the opportunities that Raiffeisen Bank provides to CIT students, as well as the activities that they can participate in during or after their studies.
Furthermore, they made an excellent case for why students should consider pursuing a career in banking.

They informed the students about their recruitment process, as well as possibilities for aspiring students to join the Raiffeisen Bank team.

The whole visit was a good experience and opportunity for the students as they expressed an interest in participating in this program and are eager to cooperate.

Our goal is to prepare students with skills based on quality education, values and analytical thinking oriented towards problem solving, creativity and leadership, which they will use to shape their lives, careers and society at large.