International Guest Speaker – Prof. Christopher Hancock 

International Guest Speaker – Prof. Christopher Hancock 

Prof. Christopher Hancock will honor us with his presence tomorrow at Canadian Institute of Technology

Based in Oxford, UK, Prof. Hancock is Director of Oxford House and a Professor at St. Mary’s University, London.

Oxford House provides high-level consultancy advice to governments, corporations and NGOs on the way culture, ethics and religion impact contemporary geopolitics and business. An Asia specialist, having taught for many years in India and China, Professor Hancock is committed to the formation of a new, culturally and morally aware, business elite.

Prof. Hancock will hold an open lecture on the topic: “Building a wise business: Is it possible anymore?”.

The venue will be on Thursday, 12/12/ 2019, at 16:00 at Canadian Institute of Technology.

All students are invited to attend the presentation.